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The economy of Crete, which was mainly based on agriculture, started changing visibly during the 70's. While there is a still an emphasis on agriculture, due to the climate and the terrain of the island,there is a drop in manufacturing and a big increase on the services industry (mainly tourism related).

The processing - packaging industries in Crete mainly process agricultural products, or manufacture products that support the agricultural production. The main export oriented sectors of the Cretan industrial units are involved with:

  • Bottling of table water
  • Excavation and processing of marble
  • Production of plastic-based materials (greenhouse coverings, water-pipes, packaging material, package film, raw materials for the industry)
  • Manufacturing of cultivating machinery (tillage and spraying machines)
  • Manufacturing of folk arts and crafts (leather products, ceramics, textile works, knitwear)

Crete has a flourishing commercial activity. There are a lot of shops that cater to the tastes and demands of the tourists that visit the island every year. There is also the potential for cooperation with foreign companies, from companies whose products can get a high demand in the markets abroad. These include, but are not limited to, leather goods, jewellery, furniture, paints, building material and equipment, medical equipment.