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Kournas LakeThere are 2000+ different plant species in Crete with approximately 10 % being endogenous in the island. The Cretan flora is especially rich in herbal and pharmaceutical plants like oregano, thyme and labdanum. Indeed, quite a big percentage of these are collected, dried and sold to the local market and abroad. There is also an amazing variety of flowers in Crete, like tulips, cyclamen, orchids etc. Due to the climate and the land terrain the blossoming period lasts for more than 6 months (March to September).

Additionally, Crete is the northern point on the globe where certain African trees are encountered, like cedar and palm trees. Crete has also a varied fauna.
Prevelis Palmtrees There are certain subspecies of animals that are endogenous only in Crete, like the local Cretan wild goat, "kri-kri", and the Cretan tree frog. There are also various birds from a number of subspecies of the common hawk, to the grey heron. Finally, the sea life is fairly varied, and certain beaches in the south of the island offer protection to the "caretta-caretta" (sea turtle) during its reproduction period.