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GramvousaKissamos or Kastelli, which is the capital of the province of Kissamo, is built in the position of ancient Kissamos and was the seaport of ancient town of Polyrinias. Kastelli was under Arab, Roman and Venetian rule. A small castle was built, which was named Kastelli and it is from this castle that the town got its name. Kastelli offers hotels, rooms for rent, taverns, beaches, fresh fish, a hospital and is famous for its wine. Also, there is a ferry boat service from Kastelli to Peloponese. Worth visiting are the folklore museum and the citadel of Polyrinia, which is situated on the ancient ruins of Greek and Roman forts. Also the ruins of ancient Mithimna, near Kastelli. You can get to Kissamos by suburban bus service (KTEL) from Chania or by car if you take the road to Kastelli (42 km west of Chania)

GramvousaGramvousa is a steep islet, on the North-Western edge of Crete. With its Venetian castle is known as pirate island. Worth visiting is the castle, which has historic significance in the uprising against Turkish rule. Later, it was used by the Greeks as a base for piratical launches. You can get there by motorboat from Kissamos (Kastelli).