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FalasarnaFalasarna is probably the most beautiful beach of Crete, with crystal clear water. There are a few taverns and half a kilometer from the beach, you can visit the ruins of the ancient town of Falasarna. This is the ancient coastal naval town harbour of Polirrhinia. Falasarna was built during the historical period, but its name is pre-Hellenic and it took it from the nymph Falasarna. It was more important than Polirrhinia and it had its own currency coin, which on the one side depicted the head of a woman with earrings and on the other the letters FA, between a trident. Still standing we can see supporting walls, parts of walls of the Acropolis, many foundations of houses, many ancient graves, as also a stone throne, which probably was consecrated to the God of sea (Poseidon) because Falasarna had been a naval town. It has been discovered lately and its ancient harbour is still being excavated. You can get there by suburban bus service (KTEL) from Chania or by car if you take the road to Kastelli (17 km from Kastelli, 59 km from Chania).