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Chania Bay

CHRYSI AKTI (Golden Beach)
Chrisi Akti is a beautiful beach very close to the centre of Chania (aprox. 2km) Chrysi Akti - KalamakiA small peninsula shapes two small bays, perfect for swimming, with calm waters and sandy beach. On the peninsula there is a small church called Agii Apostoli. You can get there by urban bus service from Chania or by car if you take the road to Kissamos.
Seaside area with rooms for rent, taverns, beautiful beach and great night-life. You can get there by suburban bus service (KTEL) from Chania or by car if you take the road to Kissamos.
A small village in the western part of the town of Chania. Every summer, on the 17th of July, a great festival takes place. The beach of Agia Marina, is one of the most beautiful of the Northern part of the prefecture.Agia marinaAlso visitors can participate in many water sports that take place. You can get to Agia Marina with suburban bus service (KTEL) from Chania or by car is you take the road to Kissamos.
The many plane trees (platania) at the nearby river exlain the name of the village. At the Venetian inventories Platanias is mentioned as Platanea and Pirgho Platanea. The village was built amphitheatrically on a high, rocky place, with picturesque houses. Now it has spread to the sea-side. Nowadays we can describe Platanias as a tourist centre with beautiful sandy beaches, next to a plush green hill. Opposite Platanias lay the island of St. Teodori or Thodorou.

PlataniasThe Turks mention it as Tourlou-Andasi, and the Venetians as San Theodoro. In 1574, during the Venetian dominion, it was decided to fortify it in order to stop the Turks from landing on Platanias. So, they built on the island, on the highest point, a multi-angled fortress, which they called Turluru, and another multi-angled fortress at a lower level, which they called San Theodoro. At the present time the island serves as a rearing place for the Cretan wild goat. The access is forbidden, however, visitors can reach the islet by pedal-boat or swimming and can encircle it. Platanias offers hotels, rooms for rent and taverns. Worth visiting is the village of Platanias on top of the hill, picturesque and peaceful with many orange groves. You can get there by suburban buses from Chania (KTEL) or by car if you take the road to Kissamos. (18 km west of Chania).
A village which is very important for recent Greek history, as violent battles took place round its pre-war airport, between the Allies and the Germans in May 1941. In this village you can also see the German cemetary with the victims of the Second World War.